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Social Media Marketing
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Social media platforms can deliver significant benefits to your business. At the top of this benefits’ list is generating new sales and leads. In addition, social media platforms can improve brand recognition, improve customer loyalty, and give you a powerful tool to communicate with your audience and customers.

However, social media marketing requires an effective strategy to deliver results. You can’t expect to simply post up your current offers to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram and then expect the sales to start rolling in. Social media marketing doesn’t work like that.

At Marketing Hack, we create and implement social media marketing plans that deliver real and measurable results for your business. This starts with defining your social media marketing objectives and then tailoring the strategy to ensure those objectives are achieved.

We do this through audience building, content creation, and advertising.

So, if you want to get serious about social media marketing to the point where it is delivering for your business, you should contact us today.

The best place to start is by getting a FREE audit of your Facebook ad account. The usual price for this audit is $500, so this is a fantastic bargain.

Your audit will identify elements of your Facebook ads that are working well in addition to elements that you should improve

How We Work

Our team at Marketing Hack has experience of all the main social media platforms including:

understand the expectations of the audiences on each of these platforms, and we understand how they work.

Our process for implementing a social media marketing strategy starts by analysing your existing accounts, analysing the content on those accounts, and auditing the ads you currently run or have run in the past.

We then develop content and ads that will get your products, business, or services in front of the right audience.

In terms of our relationship with you, we are flexible. While social media marketing is typically a medium/long-term strategy, but we don’t lock you into a contract. That said, the longer we have to develop and improve your plan, the better the results will be.

How Social Media Strategies Go Wrong

Social media platforms are a soft marketing tool. Many businesses misunderstand this, so only use social media to post offers and sales messages.

An effective social media marketing strategy is much subtler than this, however. In addition, you usually need to run ads in addition to content, with one complementing the other.

Another mistake that people make when using social media to promote their business is selecting the wrong platform. Choosing the right platform, however, ensures your social media marketing strategy remains focused on where your audience is likely to be. In addition, it ensures you remain focused on the platform that is likely to get you the best results.

Finally, people make mistakes with social media marketing in how they set up and run their advertising campaigns. This includes the way they run ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Each of these platforms has multiple settings for ad campaigns that you must get right to ensure you don’t waste money displaying your ads to people who won’t be interested in your products or services. In fact, you must get all these settings right before you even get to the stage of creating the text and visuals for the ad.

Getting the settings right is important for improving conversions too.

Our team has extensive experience of social media marketing so will fully optimise your pages, content, and ads.

How We Make Social Media Marketing Work

All our social media marketing strategies are bespoke, but they typically include five main elements:

  • Social media platform review, selection, and optimisation
  • Content plan
  • Audience building
  • Advertising
  • Measure and optimise

Let’s look at each of these elements in more detail.


Social Media Platform Review, Selection,
and Optimisation

Any social media strategy we implement for your business will start with a review of the platforms you currently use. This includes making sure they are properly set up as well as giving you advice on whether they are the best platforms to focus on for your business.

If you don’t use a social media platform that we think will deliver results, we will recommend you set up an account. We can also set up and optimise the platform for you.

Optimising a social media account includes fully completing the profile section, adding special elements (such as Message buttons on Facebook), adding properly sized and creatively made cover images and profile pics, and more.

Content Plan

We will then evaluate your content strategy to identify areas where you can improve. On most social media platforms, this typically means adding more content that doesn’t have a sales message. In fact, for most businesses, your social media pages should have more non-sales posts than posts that have a sales message.

We will also check if the content on your page has the right tone and style, as well as ensuring you have a good mix of post types on the page. This includes:

  • Link posts – posts that link to your website or to third-party websites
  • Image posts – posts with an image
  • Video posts – posts with a video

Finally, we will evaluate how frequently you post to your social media pages. The ideal frequency will depend on the social media platform as well as your audience and your business.

This analysis will give you a clear pathway to improving the content you post to your social media pages. In addition, we can also help you create content for your pages. This includes, for example, writing social media posts or writing blog articles that you can then promote on social media.

This is a detailed and ongoing process, but it delivers considerable benefits to your business. Those benefits include:

  • Increasing engagement on your social media pages
  • Building your social media audience
  • Improving recognition of your brand
  • Enhancing your authority in your industry
  • Getting traffic to your website
  • Improve your SEO as Google takes into account social media signals including likes and shares
  • Establishes closer connections with your audience which, in turn, improves levels of loyalty with your customers
  • Finds new customers and gets more sales for your business
  • Gives you another method of communication to let you stay in touch with customers, particularly when you want to communicate with them quickly
  • Lets you find out more about your customers

You can achieve the last point on the list above in a range of different ways. This includes analysing the interactions on your page, so you know the types of posts your audience likes. You can also check the statistics and metrics that each social media channel offers. These tools give varying amounts of information, but it usually includes breaking your audience down by gender, location, age, and demographics.

Audience Building

Another focus of our social media marketing strategy for your business will be to build your audience. After all, without a social media audience that is large enough, very few people will see your posts.

We use two main strategies to build your audience:

  • By creating content as per the point above
  • Through advertising (see the next section for more information)

We may also recommend other things you can do that will help build your social media audience. This includes adding links to your social media accountson your website. Adding social sharing buttons can also help, as can adding links to your social media pages to things like your email signature, email marketing campaigns, and printed marketing materials.

Advertising on Social Media

To get the most out of social media marketing, businesses usually have toadvertise. In other words, social media marketing is not free as you will need an advertising budget.That said, there are several benefits to running social media advertising campaigns:

We use two main strategies to build your audience:

  • Social media advertising is low cost when compared to other forms of advertising.
  • There are effective targeting options on most social media platforms, including Facebook. This helps you ensure the right people see your ads as well as ensuring you don’t spend money reaching the wrong people.
  • You control the spend including your total budget, your daily budget, how you want to pay, and how much you want to bid.

Following on from the last point, you typically have two options in relation to how you want to pay for ads. Those options are:

  • CPC – this is Cost Per Click, so you only pay when someone clicks on your post to visit your website
  • CPM – this is Cost Per Thousand, so you pay for every thousand people who see your ads

One final benefit you get when advertising on social media is the statistics that are available. We use tools that give a detailed analysis of your campaigns measuring multiple metrics. These statistics are a considerable help in measuring return on investment as well as optimising future campaigns.

Facebook Advertising

Let’s start this section at the beginning – why should you advertise on
Facebook? Here are four reasons:

  • 1. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Auckland. This is based on the number of registered users, how frequently those users access the platform, and how long they stay there when they do.
  • 2. Facebook has highly sophisticated advertising tools that let you run campaigns with different objectives. This helps to optimise the results you achieve.

In addition, Facebook has effective targeting options, plus you can use Facebook to retarget people who have visited your website in the past. This involves installing the Facebook Pixel on your website – our social media marketing team can help you with this.

3. You can run your Facebook ads on Instagram too as both platforms are highly integrated.

4. When Facebook ads are fully optimised, they can be very cost-effective. This helps you maximise return on investment.

Let’s now look at another important question – why do you need Marketing Hack when you can already set up an ad on Facebook? After all, it only takes a few minutes to boost a Facebook post.

There is much more to Facebook advertising than boosting posts, however. Plus, the key to success comes from optimising your campaigns.

Our team of Facebook advertising specialists has the knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure you get the best possible return from your Facebook advertising investment.

Remember as well that, while Facebook’s advertising tool is very sophisticated, it is also complex. This makes it easy to make mistakes. After all, your expertise is within the remit of your business, not running Facebook ads. You should leave that to the professionals.

In other words, you should leave the management of your Facebook advertising campaigns to us.

Advertising on Other Social Media Platforms

  • YouTube – YouTube competes with Facebook in the popularity stakes. It also has a highly engaged audience, plus ads on YouTube are very visible. This includes video ads that run on a pre-roll basis, but you can also run text ads that appear while YouTube videos play. As you will expect from a Google product, the targeting options we can use on your YouTube ads are very effective. Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from YouTube advertising.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a business to business platform, so advertising on this channel can be an effective strategy if your customers are other businesses. There are a couple of important points you should know before advertising on LinkedIn, however. The first is that, like other social media advertising tools, LinkedIn’s advertising product is complex and can be difficult to use. In addition, CPC is typically higher than other channels because of the very specific targeting options that are available. For example, it is possible to target specific individuals in selected companies. That said, LinkedIn does deliver excellent results when properly set up.
  • Twitter – Twitter is another social media platform that has benefits for a range of different audiences. Its advertising tool lets you promote your brand, content, and website. Twitter is more niche than the other options on this list, but it can be powerful in the right circumstances.

Our team of social media marketing specialists will help you decide which platform it is best to invest your advertising budget on.

Measure and Optimise

The final but absolutely critical part of the social media strategy we develop for your business is to measure the results and then use that analysis to further optimise the strategy.

For content, this means analysing engagements as well as the amount of traffic that social media platforms send to your website. Monitoring the number of shares your content gets is also important.

The basis for measuring your advertising campaigns is very different. With advertising campaigns, our analysis of results focuses on the objectives you have. In most cases, that objective is to increase sales and find you new customers, i.e. to get conversions. This means our main measurement is conversion rate.

Another tactic we typically use with Facebook ads and ads on other social media platforms is split testing. When we split test, we run two versions of a campaign at the same time. The two versions will have one element that is different. This could be different ad text, for example, or different audience targeting.

By split testing, we can check which campaign gets the best results. We can then use that information to further optimise your overall campaign while also delivering a better return on investment.

Our team of social media marketing specialists will help you decide which platform it is best to invest your advertising budget on.

The Time to Get Serious About Social Media
Marketing is Now

Are you not getting the results you want from social media marketing? Do you think you are spending too much on Facebook ads? Do you know if your Facebook ads are effective or not? Are you targeting the right audience? Does social media marketing generally frustrate you because you can’t directly connect results to the investment you make?

Our social media marketing services at Marketing Hack are the solution. We will make sure your social media platforms perform for your business as well giving you information that will let you easily calculate return on investment.

So, let’s get serious about your social media marketing – contact us today or, alternatively, book you free Facebook ad account audit (see below).

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With this information, you can make a much more informed decision about whether or not to move forward with our social media marketing services.

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