The Most Important Elements of an AdWords Landing Page

AdWords campaigns can succeed or fail based on the quality of the landing page. After all, there is no point spending money getting people to visit your website when none of them convert. Getting conversions is the job of the landing page.

One mistake that many people make is using existing website pages. This may work if the page’s design has a landing page focus. In most cases, however, you will need to create specific landing pages for your AdWords campaigns.

Why? To maximise the performance of your AdWords landing page, you need to structure it properly and include the following eight important elements. If you’re researching companies that provide AdWords management in Auckland, make sure the company you choose understands and actions all the points below.

1. Make Sure the Landing Page has a Direct Connection to the Ad

Ideally, you should have a separate landing page for each ad in your AdWords campaign. This is to ensure the content on the landing page matches the user’s search query as closely as possible.

2. Remove all Distractions

The objective of your landing page is to encourage users to convert. This typically involves clicking on a call to action button. Therefore, you should remove all other distractions from the page that might attract a user’s click. This even includes the main menu that you have on all the other pages on your website.

3. Create a Compelling USP

This point is more about your advertising offering than a technical feature of an AdWords landing page, but it is critically important. Your USP needs to be compelling and of interest to the people clicking on your ad. In addition, you need to communicate this USP using the following elements:

  • Main headline
  • Sub-heading
  • Two to three paragraphs of text

4. Include a High-Quality, Relevant, and Attractive Main Image

The main image on an AdWords landing page is often called a hero image. It should be high-quality and attention-grabbing. Also, if the image includes people, make sure they are smiling.

5. Include a Bullet Point List of Benefits

You will also need to include a list of reasons why your offering will help or be of interest to the potential customer. Remember, this isn’t about listing features. Instead, it’s thinking about why your potential customers are looking for the products or services you offer, i.e. what problem are they trying to solve and what is important to them in a solution to that problem. This is what your benefits’ list should describe.

6. Include Social Proof

One of the main ways to add social proof to your AdWords landing page is to include testimonials. This shows the potential customer that other people have used your products or services in the past and are happy with the experience.

Your testimonials should be authentic. Remember, though, even when they are authentic, you must also make them look as authentic as possible.

7. Add a Call to Action

You also need to add a Call to Action to your page. You will need to experiment with things like the position of the Call to Action, the colour and design of the button, and the text on the button. One important tip to remember, though, is to only have one offering – don’t confuse the visitor with multiple options.

8. Optimise the Landing Page for All Devices

Finally, make sure your landing page looks great on all devices. After all, you don’t want to go to the trouble of designing a great landing page for desktop computers for it to look terrible on mobile phones.

Good landing page design is a crucial part of AdWords management in Auckland. Make sure you get it right to maximise the return on investment from your campaigns.

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