Content Tips for Lead Generation Landing Pages

To get leads into your sales funnel using marketing automation, you need to target the right people and then get them to click through to your website using AdWords or another source of traffic. Once you get to this stage, however, the job is only half done, as the landing page takes over. Its job is to get those visitors to register by giving you their contact details.

To make a landing page that successfully achieves this involves getting the design and the content right.

In this blog, we’ll focus on the content of your lead generation landing pages.

1. The Content Should Deliver on Your Promises

The content on your landing page is important, but it must first deliver on the promises you make in your ad (or on whatever other channel or platform you use to bring visitors to your website).

If visitors don’t immediately see the connection between your landing page and their reason for clicking on your ad in the first place, they will leave.

2. Stay Focused on One Message and Goal

There is a lot of research in the field of marketing that the more choices you give to customers, the more likely they are to do nothing. So, keep your landing page focused on one message, plus it should only have one goal – to get potential future customers to enter your sales funnel.

3. Text Should Be Easy to Read

Many landing pages used by small businesses have too little text. Website owners (and even some so-called digital marketing specialists) believe this is the right approach as it makes the landing page less daunting and easier to read.

However, you need sufficient text on your landing page to optimise your AdWords campaign, i.e. getting the most clicks at the lowest price.

It’s also important for user experience. In other words, it’s the text on the landing page which will convince the visitor whether to give you their contact details or not.

So, rather than putting as little text as possible, you should include a sufficient amount of text but make it easy to read. Specifically, the text on your landing page should be easy to skim read so visitors can skip past sections they are not interested in.

4. Talk About Your Customer’s Pain Points

Remember to focus on the pain points of your customers, not the features of your products or services.

You first have to demonstrate you understand the pain point. You then have to show you have a suitable solution while also outlining the benefits of your solution.

This means writing the text on your lead generation landing page from the perspective of the visitor rather than focusing it on the objective of your business. The landing page will be much more successful when you take this approach.

5. Use Images and Other Visuals to Tell a Story

Images can also help make your lead generation landing page a success. Images work best, however, when they have a purpose other than to simply make the page look nicer.

An example is using images to tell a story. One way to do this is to include an image of a client who has benefited from your products or services.

There are other examples. The most important thing to remember is that images should be more than simply window dressing.

6. Include Testimonials

This is known as social proof. In other words, it demonstrates to visitors that you were able to provide a solution to other people with similar problems to theirs. It also gives you legitimacy.

Creating an Optimised Landing Page

With a properly designed lead generation landing page, the above content tips will help you maximise return on investment.

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