Why You Should Stop Ignoring SEO

There are lots of reasons why business owners ignore SEO in Auckland. This includes a lack of understanding of what SEO does as well as the thought it only works for large websites and companies.

All businesses can benefit from SEO, however, whatever industry you are in.

The technical aspects of SEO can be found in other blogs, but for this one, we want to focus on your business and why you should seriously consider hiring an SEO agency in Auckland.

Find New Customers

The primary objective of SEO is to get more people to visit your website. There is a simple equation involved here:

  • A percentage of the people who visit your website will contact your business
  • A percentage of those will become your customer

If you can increase the number of people at the top of this funnel (i.e. the number of people visiting your website) you will find new customers.

Delivers High Returns on Investment

Good SEO doesn’t just bring visitors to your website as that won’t generate sales and find new customers. Instead, good SEO in Auckland gets the right people to visit your website.

It does this by targeting the right search phrases – known as keywords – among other things.

As SEO brings the right visitors to your website, not only will you find new customers by implementing an SEO strategy, but you will also increase your conversion rates. In other words, a higher percentage of the people who visit your website are likely to become your customers.

This improves return on investment. In fact, SEO usually delivers a better return on investment over the medium and long term than any other form of digital marketing.

Improves Brand Awareness

Marketing is not all about directly getting customers – as an experienced business owner, you will know this already. This is because having good brand awareness among your target market is also important.

SEO can give you this brand awareness as your business will appear on more Google search results pages and in a higher position on those pages.

Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

Following on from the last point, appearing higher than your competitors in Google can improve both awareness of your brand as well as your brand’s reputation. After all, even if people don’t know how Google works, they will know that the best results are at the top.

Makes Your Website Better

This last point is often overlooked as many people mistakenly believe that part of SEO is about making changes to your website for the benefit only of Google.

When representatives from Google talk about SEO, however, they consistently say you shouldn’t do this. Instead, the advice that Google representatives give on the subject of SEO is about improving your website.

They say when you improve your website, the Google search algorithm will notice, resulting in a higher ranking in Google search.

Of course, you must improve your website in specific areas to get the best results, but SEO will make your website better, improving the experience of your website visitors.

It’s Time to Stop Ignoring SEO

There is one final point to remember about SEO – you don’t need a huge budget. In fact, SEO is a very cost-effective digital marketing strategy. This is yet another reason to stop ignoring it and to instead get started developing a strategy with an SEO agency in Auckland.

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