Creating Lead Generation Ads in Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an excellent tool for generating new leads for your business. Whether you want potential new customers to contact you by email or phone, AdWords’ campaigns can deliver results with an impressive return on investment.

To optimise your campaigns for lead generation, there are several things you need to have in place before logging into AdWords. This includes making sure your website works well, creating landing pages for the campaign, and developing a pitch that Google search users will want to click on.

In this blog, however, we’re going to focus on a specific part of the process of creating an AdWords lead generation campaign – creating the actual ads.

Before You Start

Before you can do any of this, you will need to know the keywords your campaign will target. This is an essential part of setting up an AdWords campaign. In fact, without keywords, you can’t have an AdWords campaign that targets Google search users. Keywords are also important for creating your ad copy. With a good keyword list, you will be able to write ads that are more focused.

It’s also important to include keywords in both the headline of your AdWords ad and in the description. It’s good to include the main keyword of the ad in the display URL too.

Extra Tip: Keywords

For the best results, focus on keywords with commercial intent rather than generic keywords. Keywords with commercial intent may have a lower number of searches per month but you are likely to get a higher number of leads.

Tips for Writing the Most Effective Lead Generation AdWords Ads

  • Create more than one – a crucial part of Google AdWords and the management of campaigns that target an Auckland audience is testing, measuring, and optimising. By creating more than one ad, you can compare results.
  • Write from the perspective of the user – many companies running AdWords campaigns use ad copy written from the perspective of their own business. They are so enthusiastic about their offer and the products/services they sell; this is all they talk about. You will get better results, however, if you talk directly to the user from their perspective.
  • Include a call to action – whether it’s “get a quote”, “register your interest”, “download the whitepaper”, or any other variation of CTA, make sure it is in the ad.
  • Create urgency – just like any other marketing or advertising strategy, creating urgency can improve results.
  • Give the user a reason to click – finally, you must have a good offer. Optimising your ads and everything else in relation to your AdWords campaign won’t be enough if your offer is not as good, compelling, attention-grabbing, and/or trustworthy as your competitors’.

Bonus Tips

Finally, we have three bonus tips that will further improve the results you get from your

AdWords lead generation campaign:

  1. Focus landing pages on specific keywords – this lets you make ad copy even more direct and personal to the user
  2. Measure conversions – setting up conversion tracking will give you more detailed analysis on the parts of your campaign that are working and those that are not
  3. Test and then test some more – test everything including the headline, description, target keywords, display URL, extensions, and more.

AdWords campaigns can always be optimised. By regularly checking and seeking to improve yours, you will get more leads and better results.

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