Tips to improve your SEO rankings

Search Engine Optimisation known as SEO can be the difference between a flourishing business and one that’s just scraping by. Throughout this, we will define  and discuss the fundamentals of SEO.

SEO involves optimizing each aspect of your website to make it more attractive to search engines, this means Google will rank you higher as they understand the unique algorithm. The key to having higher SEO rankings, relies on having all the pieces necessary to appeal to search engines.

What influences SEO:

By posting frequent and relevant content such as blogs, ebooks, downloadable resources, the more weight search engines will ascribe to your website. By providing the user with value, Google will want to place your site higher on the hits page.

Emphasise on Keywords, use keywords which are relevant to your site and its offerings. Do some research on this, to find out what keywords would best fit your company. Once you’ve understood the keywords and phrases you’re using, build them into your website content.

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As apart of both influences mentioned above, you should be aware of the ‘on page factors’ these are the factors which are in your control such as website structure, loading speed, logistics and other factors such as title tags, meta descriptions, and links to other content. On the other hand ‘off page factors’ are the ones out of your control, these are factors such as link building, social engagement, number of likes/comments/shares. These are out of your control, but you can still create a good customer base to pursue with these off page factors.

Below are a few steps in order to win your SEO Rankings game;

  • Research the most relevant keywords. This means searchers, will be presented with your site when they are searching for specifically to your site.
  • Use your websites metadata to optimise its search terms.
  • Use your searched keywords and phrases within your own content. Expand on this link, by building relationships with trustworthy partners to have them link back to you.
  • Focus on your competitors and be aware of where they are ranking and what for.
  • Plan a schedule to post regular content to keep you putting out valuable information.

SEO Rankings doesn’t have to be a long term game

Everyone seems to think that SEO is a long term game, although it doesn’t have to be. Google changes its algorithm 3200 times in just one year, their goal from this is to show the user the right site as fast as possible.

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SEO has changed and is constantly changing over the years. If you wanted to rank high, then you would have to create tonnes of long content and build links. Although times have changed again and although those things still matter, there are now over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm.

This is still important, but there are faster ways to generate a higher position in Google. Such as changing how searchers see your Google listing. This doesn’t take long and can prove results fast, if you follow the right tactics then you can change your search traffic in a reasonable time.

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